Beauty of Nature

Always Green villages with exquisite watery nature of fresh air have some alluring beauty and gain a huge attraction from the people. The delightful experience which is given by aroma of nature cannot be equalized by any other thing. Nature has got that fascinating power. There is always an extra love towards adventures for most of the people in the world. A lot of adventurous things and places are there to explore which nature had gifted us. From the birth of humans, there is an exclusive strong bond between the humans and nature. We relied upon nature for our every need in surviving the life. Still, we are dependent with nature, but there exists some kind of disconnection with the arrival of the modern world. People who are living in urban areas might feel that. The technological world keeps the people in a nutshell, where the same humans enjoyed the pleasure of enchanting nature. Connection with nature always helps to improve ourselves healthier and to lead a stress-free lifestyle. Everyone has to feel that connection and should be in a part of preserving this beauty of the earth. It will ramp up the life to a better way not only for us but for our heirs also.

Ardglass- an amusing, beautiful little village

Ardglass is a little coastal fishing village situated in County Down, Northern Ireland. It has a very low population density and it is a commuter center for workers in Downpatrick and Belfast, also provides housing, shops, and services. In the middle ages, it served as an important port and town. At present, it is the homeport of thirty diesel powered vessels and is a major fish marketing and processing center. It has a harbor, which is easily accessible from all the around states of tides. That port specialized in the trade of prawns, herrings, and whitefishes. There are two fishing piers, Northern pier and Southern pier and various fish processing factories. Fish and prawns to the value of £4 or £5 million are landed in the port each year, most of it processed locally before shipping to the large cities of Europe. Farming and fishing are the major sources of employment here. Ardglass marina that is also called as Phennick cove, has deepwater basins which open for 24hrs daily throughout the year. Education facilities are also grown up, as two northern Irish universities; Queen’s and the University of Ulster are commenced. People are growing in education with a skilled workforce in various branches such as engineering, technologies, and designs.

A successful harbor master, Captain Bernard Hughes in the period of 1845 to 1858 carried a tireless campaign in the local press. This led him to champion Ardglass as a “Harbor of Refugee” for vessels of the northeast coast of Ireland. He invented a method called keystone method, which involves the building of sea walls using only stones without any use of mortar and he patented that method. Ardglass has more medieval tower houses, which exposes the importance of Ulster’s port in the past. It also has the most extensive network of warehouses from the primordial periods. There is one golf club which is earlier known as Ardglass castle, built around a period of the fifteenth century. It is located 30 miles from the Belfast on rugged country down the coast, with beautiful coastline and mountain views alongside every hole and corner of the ground, makes it one of the world’s greatest link courses which gives an exquisite golf travel experience.

Places to visit in Ardglass

Discovering new places and unique things are always amazing one. There are a lot of exciting places and cultural attractions in Ardglass to explore. For every traveler, there are top attractions such as historical monuments, natural and adventurous places and amusing entertainment activities. One should not miss these places such as Ardglass Paris church, Marina, Ardtole church, Coney Island, Caravan Park. Coney Island is a small seaside townland in county down between the villages of Ardglass and Killough. It is a historical barony of Lecale lower. Ardglass marina is a chain fixed pontoon and opens for 24hrs a day all around the year. It is also known as phennick cove marina and it is used by local and visiting yachts for the berths. There is a golf club in the Ardglass and it is one of the marvellous golf grounds in the world that every golf lover should visit and gain the fascinating golf playing experience near the seashore. It is a local course and it is formerly known as Ardglass castle. It won an award in 2011 for the best link course in Ireland. The Ardtole church is an ancient church which is built in the period of the 15th century situated in the hilltop over the Irish Sea and the Isle of Man. It is a must visit historical monument place which has a rich cultural heritage in Ardglass. As said before, Ardglass got places for sight-seeing which are so natural with Ardglass Marina, historical with Coney Island, religious with the churches and entertainment-related with the golf club, this proves this village is more complete with exquisite places and residing people in it. The tourists who’ve been visited will try to be here regularly as they’ve enjoyed and lived every bit with their experience. A delightful experience can be got without the use of any technological devices but only enjoying through the sceneries and aroma of nature.
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Places to see in Ardglass

Place to Visit Type Founded User Rating
Ardglass Golf Club Golf club 1896 4.6 / 5
Jordan’s Castle Historical 1601 3.3 / 5
Cowd Castle Historical 1605 4.0 / 5
Margaret’s Castle Historical 1993 3.0 / 5
Bright Castle Historical 1999 4.0 / 5

Best Restaurants in Ardglass

Restaurant Name Restaurant Type Hours User Rating
Doc’s Fish & Chips, Ardglass Fish & Chips Restaurant 12PM – 9PM 4.5 / 5
East Essence Chinese Restaurant 4PM – 11:30PM 4.7 / 5
Currans Bar & Seafood Steakhouse Seafood Restaurant 11AM – 11PM 4.3 / 5
Denvir’s Fish & Chips Restaurant 8AM – 11PM 5.0 / 5
The Artisan Cookhouse Seafood Restaurant 10AM – 8PM 4.7 / 5