Ardglass harbor

Ardglass is a home to Northern Ireland’s third largest fishing fleet. Every year several tons of finest langoustines in Europe are landed by Ardglass fleet from the fresh and cold Irish water. Northern Ireland fishery Harbor authority is the harbor in Ardglass, it is a homeport to several fishing vessels and it is the main hub for the pelagic fish industry of Northern Ireland. The harbor is situated in the rocky inlet of the phennick cove which gives the marina. This deep water harbor has been used for over 3000 years and construction of the current port was begun in the 19th century. Several disasters happened for the port in 1838, and the pier of the harbor fell into the harbor by storms. After a period of time, the pier was rebuilt again and extended in the 20th century. New fish markets and ice making plant has been developed in recent years. Harbor has alluring marina having several births which are used by both the local and visiting yachts. It is in the west side of the harbor and is protected from the east by a detached breakwater on the west side and accessed through a marked channel. The port’s mission is to facilitate sustainable wealth creation in the harbor areas.